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To the Membership of the Dance Educators of America, Inc.

I, along with the entire Board of Directors, would like to thank all of the members that voted concerning the new Bylaws.

The new Bylaws were approved and effective immediately they are now the governing body for DEA. Thank you for your vote and support.

Dance Educators of America Inc. has many new things happening. We now offer video submission before the Nationals for those members that live 300 miles from the nearest regional event. Video submission also works for a studio that attended a regional but they have new numbers to qualify for the Nationals.

Dance Educators of America Inc. will become a New Member of the International Dance Organization which DEA will have the ability to qualify dancers to audition for Dance Team USA. The IDO holds the World Championship Titles to most of the Performing Arts, Street Dance, and Special Couple Dances. This will allow members to submit entries to become a World Champion in all IDO disciplines. It will also give them the opportunity to compete at the Arts Games, where auditions will be held in 2017. Auditions will take place during the regional and national events. More details to come.

Dance Educators of America Inc. looks forward to seeing you at a regional event.

-Fran Peters, President

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